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Project Overview

Fences for Fido is a non-profit which provides fences, dog houses, spay/neuter and emergency vet services to low income dog owners.


UX/UI Designer 



Figma, InVision, Miro


​The Fences for Fido website is outdated, disorganized, and displays no clear mission. This leaves potential donors and volunteers to feel disconnected and confused.


By clearly displaying the mission statement, reorganizing content, and creating a fresh environment, we believe we can bring in new donors and volunteers who will be excited to support the cause.

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Interview Insight

We interviewed five individuals about their experiences with nonprofit organizations.

  • Interviewees want to feel connected to the cause they are supporting

  • People wanted to help others either financially or by donating their time

  • How to get involved is not always clear

  • Motivators included new social interactions, learning a new skill, and helping their community

User Story

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