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user flow
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lo-fi prototype homescreen for web
lo-fi prototype for mobile
Animation of user flow for lo-fi mobile
mid-fi webpage mockup with testing feedback notes
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Fences for Fido

Project Overview:

Fences for Fido is a non-profit which provides fences, dog houses, spay/neuter and emergency vet services to low income dog owners.


UX/UI designer & researcher

with 3 other team members


Figma, InVision, Miro

The Problem:

The Fences for Fido website is outdated, disorganized, and displays no clear mission. This leaves potential donors and volunteers to feel disconnected and confused.

The Solution:

By clearly displaying the mission statement, reorganizing content, and creating a fresh environment, we believe we can bring in new donors and volunteers who will be excited to support the cause.


Interview Insights:

We interviewed five individuals about their experiences with nonprofit organizations.

  • Interviewees want to feel connected to the cause they are supporting

  • People wanted to help others either financially or by donating their time

  • How to get involved is not always clear

  • Motivators included new social interactions, learning a new skill, and helping their community

"I know I should volunteer my time more, but I would rather donate money to help out.. It would be nice to know that my money is making a difference though."  -Ramon

User Persona:

Hannah Gabriel

Age: 30

Occupation: Vet Tech

Location: Portland, OR

Goals and Needs:

  • Wants to get more involved and give back to the community

  • Looking to fill some free time in her schedule with meaningful work

  • Wants to help pet owners & provide safer homes for dogs

Pain Points & Potential Solutions:

  • Busy with work and pets at home but wants to donate free time

  • Unsure about the qualifications for volunteers or required skills


Lo-Fi Prototype:

The biggest change involved the top navigation bar links.

  • Minimized clickable links

  • Reorganized the content in each drop down

  • Made the most important items accessible from the homepage


Testing Plan:

​We conducted five user tests using our lo-fidelity prototype.


  • Does the website draw attention to donations and volunteering?

  • Is the mission of the website clear to the user?

  • Is it organized in a way that is easy to navigate?



  1. Make a Donation

  2. Sign up for a Volunteer Event

  3. Shop for Merchandise

User Testing Feedback:

  • The logo as the home button was not obvious

  • Merchandise was featured on the home screen but hard to find in main navigation

  • "Sign up for an activity" was a button on the Upcoming Events page but also had its own screen which made it redundant and confusing

  • Wanted to be able to commit to making a donation from the main donations page

Iterations in Mid-Fi:

  • Added "Home" tab next to logo

  • Emphasized call to action on donation page

  • Added "Store" to main navigation

  • Simplified event sign up

  • Consolidated event information


Mood Board:

Our goal was to brighten the site to energize both volunteers and donors.  

  • We chose colors that would feel inviting and inspiring.

  • Rounded edges and fun shapes to soften up the experience.

Sketches and Design Progression


When starting with our sketches, we focused on these Donate, Volunteer, and Our Story sections. Since these are the main focus for our users,  we wanted to make them accessible, not only in the navigation, but calling attention to them throughout the home page as well.

Design Progression:

As we moved into high definition prototypes we tried a few different options for color and design of the homepage. We were trying to find the perfect balance between playful and accessible.


Final Thoughts:

Our team members were inspired by the dedication of this non profit to the betterment of life for their communities’ pets. This project presented the challenge of not only creating a visually appealing design, but also one that inspires people to contribute through Fences for Fido.

KPI Tracking and Goals:

  • Higher average in amount of donations per month

  • Increase in volunteer sign ups

  • Increase in repeated donations/volunteers

  • Increase in store sales

Next Steps:

  • Conduct new user testing on High Fidelity design

  • Reiterate based on testing results

  • Launch new site design

"Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies."

-Edward Scissorhands