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Bridge Signal

Project Overview

Headset is a successful cannabis data driven B2B that is launching a new mobile and desktop app to stay competitive in a emerging industry. Bridge Signal is a product that bridges the gap between sales teams and inventory managers.


UX/UI Designer 


Jewel Loree- Director of Product Management

Abel Olmos- Product Manager 

April Xu- Product Manager


Figma, Notion, Miro, ProductBoard

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Business Case

  • Competitive pressure from ‘real-time’ analytics organizations built on web scraped data, such as Hoodie, Pistil, StickyData(?)

  • Well positioned to compete with a rich data asset built on Headset retailer direct connections and Bridge sharing

  • Opportunity to expand the breadth of our retailer-direct data asset (Bridge)

  • Develop the infrastructure for a Trade Marketing / Expanded Customer Data Platform service

  • Expanded retailer connections by leveraging Headset retail integrations for our web partners (Leafly, Weedmaps)

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Problems Solved

  • Our current retail-direct data offering is limited by the opt-in of our current Headset retailers, resulting in a limited view into a market vs competitors.

  • Product Innovation

  • Understand pricing and promotion trends

  • Sales Enablement

  • Understanding the stock status of your brands across 100% of retailers in a given market

  • Finding sales opportunities for win back, prospects and takeover

  • Marketing

  • Promotion and positioning

  • Understand the customer (Bridge Marketing / Leafly + Weedmaps customer data)


Filter Design Progression

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User Testing

  • Conducted preliminary A/B testing on filter boxes to determine most valuable filter options

  • Selected 2 interview subjects per each User Persona to gather insight on needs specific to Bridge Signal use cases.

  • Initial design were placed in a sandbox dev area in order to conduct user testing in more depth.

  • Feature requests were gathered anonymously and grouped by their appropriate user persona and were used to create a feature launch plan.

  • Initial trials resulted into 65% sign up once product launched.

Screenshot 2023-01-17 122008.png
Screenshot 2023-01-17 122026.png

High Fidelity

Product Launched August 2022

2 months after concept meeting and team assemblance. Initial launch included an activity feed and upsell pages. Feature launches were mapped on a timeline for the rest of 2022-2023.​



  • Optimize for mobile 

  • Launch map view

  • Integrate multiple data sources to increase product depth

  • Quick solution buttons to quickly identify opportunities in users designated segment. 

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