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original logo
original homepage
New logo
new color palette- dark blues, olive green, coral
watercolor flower
watercolor flower
inspiration images- ocean, luxury, orchids
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new instagram feed
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South Coast

Project Overview

South Coast Psychiatry is a prestigious and well known office in Southern California. The existing website had plenty of useful information but potential and existing clients struggled to navigate it. The challenge is to clean and define the brand image to comfort existing and welcome new clients.


UX/UI designer

Social Media Manager


Figma, InVision, Miro. Canva

Original Design

  • Initial site has all the information that a new patient would need.
  • Simple design.
  • Client feels the current site is sophisticated.
Pain Points
  • Too many links. 
  • Users struggle to find information
  • Users confused on process for new clients.


The client liked the original design but recognized the challenges many new clients faced. The office wanted to project a image of sophistication but also a warm and welcoming environment.
​Client wanted to keep a calligraphic style so I selected a simpler and cleaner font that would also increase readability for older patients.

Color Palette

The navy from the original design was kept. A few variations of the navy were added along with a soothing olive green. The client's office is decorated with live orchids which inspired the coral color.

Image Samples

The office is located in a wealthy area of Orange County, California. South Coast Psychiatry

offers an elevated therapy experience conveniently located between luxurious shopping and the

scenic west coast beaches. It invokes a sense

of comfort and peace.


Updated Navigation

Previous navigation bar (shown on the left)

was difficult to read and users struggled to find relevant information.

Redesign would condense links into a primary navigation with secondary navigation links below. This created a cleaner user experience and resulted in new client contacts.

Preliminary Sketches

Initial InVision sketches focused on new navigation

and streamlining information.

Our Services

Contains information that was previously listed separately on primary navigation bar. All services are listed with an overview of each program so that the user is not overwhelmed by information that doesn't meet their needs.

New Client Information

Many users of the site are potential new patients.

A section was added to answer any new patient information on office policies, insurance, and necessary documents.

Social Media


  • Posts and interactions were posted inconsistently

  • Social Media accounts did not feel welcoming

  • Current patients were unaware of the social media accounts


  • Increase user interaction

  • Inspire potential new patients

  • Spread mental health awareness

  • Create brand consistency


  • Average post interactions

  • Followers

  • New clients are surveyed on how they found the company and if it was through social media


Client is very happy with new design and has noted an increase in new patient inquiries.

Around 100 of the clients Instagram "followers" were ghost accounts and removed. There is an average of 5 new followers per month from active accounts that are interacting with social media posts.

Next Steps:

The office is going under renovations and is using the brand color palette and inspiration images to create a consistent user experience.

The KPIs will continue to be monitored and adjustments to posts made as necessary.

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