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Project Overview

Design a new mobile app to help broaden the horizons of a young user’s experience and education in a format that is easily accessible and safe from disruptive influences.


UX/UI Designer 



Figma, InVision, Miro


Children are increasingly using social media, but there is a growing concern about the safety of this online environment. There have been numerous cases of children being exposed to inappropriate content, such as pornography and violence. In addition, social media can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying and other forms of online abuse.


The proposed children's social media app would address these concerns by providing a safe and fun online environment for children. The app would feature a character named Charli, who would guide children through curated educational videos. The videos would be designed to teach children about a variety of topics, such as science, math, and history.    

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User Persona


Interviews and Survey

During our interview process, we discovered that users rely heavily on others personal experiences, thus needing to use multiple sources of information which are frequently inaccurate.​

Therefore, we believe users need an accessible source of information and that we might be able to help if we provide a collaborative space for the dietary restricted community. 


We might do this by creating an inclusive and efficient platform to professional knowledge and personal experiences. Doing this will allow our users to feel more at ease with their dining options and spend less time conducting personal research.​

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Key Findings 

  • Strong interest in educational apps. 

  • Independent access to mobile devices 

  • Interested in technology that supports hobbies (e.g., Art, Sports, and music). 

  • 80% of of participants desire to expand children's access to educational programs.

  • 58% of participants responded that their child owns their own iPad/tablet.

  • 57% of participants noted that their children primarily access Youtube and TikTok for entertainment.

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